About Us

Jagananna Social Media, which played an instrumental role in achieving victory, has accelerated its efforts to fortify the party's foundation, bouncing back with renewed vitality - Jagananna Connects.

Jagananna Connects acts as a vital conduit, working tirelessly to disseminate the policies of the Jagananna government to the public sphere. With a firm grip on the wheel, its mission is to raise awareness among the people effectively and counteract the negative campaigns propagated by the biased yellow media.

The digitalization of communication means has brought about a revolutionary shift in how people perceive and respond to social and political developments in their surroundings. In the face of these challenges, Jagananna Connects is emerging as a potent force, mobilizing its social media warriors to harness the growing significance of online platforms. These platforms have the power to reshape the perceptions of individuals who have remained in the dark for years due to the influence of opposing political parties.