Andhra Pradesh Investments Data Andhra Pradesh Investments Data

Welfare & Development Activities


Andhra Pradesh
West Godavari

Welfare Budget: 77,064,254,194

Welfare Beneficiaries: 2,890,213

Alluri Seetharama raju

Welfare Budget: 34,136,860,558

Welfare Beneficiaries: 1,275,157


Welfare Budget: 80,232,397,866

Welfare Beneficiaries: 3,006,936


Welfare Budget: 96,035,937,933

Welfare Beneficiaries: 3,366,365


Welfare Budget: 90,639,077,220

Welfare Beneficiaries: 3,582,860


Welfare Budget: 75,418,292,502

Welfare Beneficiaries: 2,708,143


Welfare Budget: 86,352,434,397

Welfare Beneficiaries: 2,988,360


Welfare Budget: 70,646,150,010

Welfare Beneficiaries: 2,616,876

East Godavari

Welfare Budget: 75,102,997,888

Welfare Beneficiaries: 2,865,356


Welfare Budget: 85,953,087,900

Welfare Beneficiaries: 3,182,923


Welfare Budget: 74,111,515,310

Welfare Beneficiaries: 2,892,084


Welfare Budget: 76,995,349,039

Welfare Beneficiaries: 2,925,502


Welfare Budget: 74,447,387,972

Welfare Beneficiaries: 2,763,004


Welfare Budget: 89,773,233,407

Welfare Beneficiaries: 3,471,227


Welfare Budget: 84,024,703,780

Welfare Beneficiaries: 3,220,058


Welfare Budget: 76,671,421,424

Welfare Beneficiaries: 2,985,906


Welfare Budget: 77,728,242,009

Welfare Beneficiaries: 2,891,556

Parvathipuram Manyam

Welfare Budget: 41,979,340,482

Welfare Beneficiaries: 1,586,367


Welfare Budget: 97,398,988,572

Welfare Beneficiaries: 3,621,897

Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore

Welfare Budget: 95,189,450,955

Welfare Beneficiaries: 3,466,826


Welfare Budget: 88,693,616,341

Welfare Beneficiaries: 3,334,339

Sri Sathya Sai

Welfare Budget: 89,129,253,633

Welfare Beneficiaries: 3,226,821


Welfare Budget: 61,021,661,670

Welfare Beneficiaries: 2,586,879


Welfare Budget: 85,526,563,243

Welfare Beneficiaries: 3,047,217


Welfare Budget: 101,264,107,159

Welfare Beneficiaries: 3,847,641


Welfare Budget: 104,036,876,226

Welfare Beneficiaries: 3,710,494

West Godavari Alluri Sitharama Raju Anakapalli YSR Kurnool Annamayya Chittoor Bapatla East Godavari Eluru Konaseema Guntur Krishna Kakinada Palnadu Nandyal NTR Parvathipuram Manyam Prakasam Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore Vizianagaram Sri Sathya Sai Visakhapatnam Tirupati Srikakulam Anantapur
Amount Spend On Welfare Schemes With Category Wise

Category Wise Welfare Schemes

Amount Spent On All Schemes

Beneficiaries: 130,818,008

Amount: ₹ 4,474,045,400,000 Cr

Andhra Pradesh Major Developments Data Andhra Pradesh Major Developments Data

Unveiling Infrastructure and Development Insights

— Under Chief Minister Jagan Anna's dynamic leadership, Andhra Pradesh has achieved unprecedented infrastructure growth in just 4 years. This includes 4 ports, 10 fishing harbors, 2 airports, 17 medical colleges, and rural development initiatives such as Rythu Bharosa Kendras and YSR Health Clinics, along with housing distribution for the underprivileged.

— Jagan Anna's government prioritizes education, investing Rs 11,700 Crores in renovating 38,059 schools, introducing digital learning, and transforming government schools with English education, fostering global representation opportunities.

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